Published 05 Nov 2022

Insect conservation contest: these are the winners

All three parts of this year's insect conservation competition, sponsored by DEFLEX®-Dichtsysteme GmbH, have been completed. There were many great pictures of the associated projects submitted on the topics of "Sandarium", "Insect Protection in the Association" and "Flowering Meadow". The winners were voted on in public votes, in which many Instagram users participated. The first winners were clear from the start: the insects. After all, every little action that helps to protect our little co-inhabitants helps to preserve the population of these useful creatures.

The 2022 Insect Conservation Competition kicked off with the topic "Sandarium - who builds the most beautiful one?". 75% of wild bee species and also some solitary species nest not only in the well-known insect hotels, but in the ground. 21 insect conservationists participated. And the winner is "Step Hies Garten". She can look forward to a prize of 300 euros. Congratulations from us too!

In the second part of the competition, young athletes were asked to implement something on the topic of insect protection in their club. For the winning team, DEFLEX® sponsored a set of jerseys for the whole team. The young kickers of VfB Oberweimar e.V. collected 529 votes and thus won the 1st prize. Great team spirit - keep it up!

And also the third part is now finished and the winner is determined. Here it was about flowering meadows or insect meadows, on which the insects find food. There were more than 38,000 votes for the participating pictures. The Solawi Vausshof was able to win the vote and is happy about 300 euros prize.

As the sponsor of the insect conservation competition, we would like to thank all participants and congratulate the winners!