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Whether sealing profiles, construction parts or well thought-out supplementary ranges - at DEFLEX® the focus is on the customer's daily practical solution. The extensive DEFLEX® product range includes solutions for many manufacturer systems such as Schüco, Heroal, Veka and others.

Sealing profiles require differentiated product properties for different requirements. The DEFLEX® product range offers you a spectrum that meets the material requirements of a wide variety of manufacturer systems. DEFLEX® construction parts comprise a wide range of products for sealing windows and facades

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Sealing profiles and mouldings

Sealing profiles of the highest quality, manufactured in certified production with a great deal of materials expertise for use in almost all temperature and weather conditions.

Base and connection profiles

Optimal installation of PVC-U or aluminium windows with basic profiles as well as window sill and façade connection profiles.

Sealing and bonding

Consistent product quality and reliable material properties offer maximum safety and tightness for your project.

Glazing and blocking

The right window glazing is one of the most important components of a good window. The basis for this is a safe and high-quality selection of system-compliant glazing rebate inserts, glazing blocks or woods.

Connecting and fastening

For aluminium windows, the use of matching high-quality corner and T-connectors is the basis for the window statics, for PVC-U profiles corresponding welded corner connectors.

Moulding and covering

The appearance is an important criterion for builders or architects. With the right cover strips and veneers, disturbing joints or transitions can be concealed in a visually attractive way.

Drainage and aeration

To cover the necessary drainage slots in modern window constructions, the water slot cap is available in all colours or Monodrain for special requirements.

Protect and clean

Protect modern building elements in the workshop and on the construction site. We offer a selection of cleaners for minor soiling on the surface.

Miscellaneous and accessories

A wide range of tools and aids are available to you for processing our high-quality products.

Aluminium systems

The DEFLEX® product range offers you a spectrum for aluminium systems that meets the material requirements of a wide range of manufacturer systems such as Schüco, Heroal or Hueck.

Plastics systems

As a vinyl window processor, are you specifically looking for products for the system you produce? Then you have come to the right place and can have our many products for your working day filtered and displayed.

DEFLEX® -Dämmflex - pressure-resistant lightweight material for thermal insulation

The ideal solution that combines the highest compressive strength with the best thermal insulation and low dead weight.

Profiles or panels? You have the choice! Either order panels directly from stock or use our cutting service! Order our Dämmflex profiles directly to match your window system in the desired dimensions and with matching profiling.

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DEFLEX® pre-wall mounting system with lightweight materials

For thermal bridge-free window installation directly in the insulation level.

Your assembly solution for individual requirements, combining high time savings and precise pre- and post-processing.

With the best insulating properties without thermal bridges, weights of up to 200 kg/m can be removed.

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Pre-wall systems

DEFLEX® waterproofing systems

In over 35 years, DEFLEX® has become a brand name for sealing systems in window and facade construction. Our four performance features speak for this:

1st Quality - Tested and monitored product quality and certified processes according to ISO 9001:2015.
2. safety - many years of experience and development, numerous patents underline the spirit of innovation.
3. compatibility - matched, tested systems make for flexibility
4. sustainability - sealing concept with an eye to the future: sustainable building sealing with high-quality and ecologically valuable sealing materials

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