Sun/visual protection

Saving energy and living comfort

Pleated blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds made to measure

Shadow or light? Living comfort and feel-good factor...

Custom-made pleated blinds and honeycomb pleated blinds guarantee a highly individualized design of the view in and out and offer the flexible answer
to the sun - from translucent to darkening. They are an absolute feel-good factor and create living comfort through maximum energy efficiency as well as optimized room acoustics and chic.

Saving energy - support in summer and winter

Honeycomb pleated blinds enable significant savings through the targeted regulation of solar radiation and optimum utilization of daylight and are effective in three ways: heating energy is saved, solar heat is stopped and room noise is dampened.

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Made in Germany
Made to measure
Save energy

Numerous mounting options

In addition to the classic mounting options, mounting using adhesive strips enables particularly easy installation on the glass pane. If required, the adhesive strips can be removed again without leaving any residue.

The adhesive strips offer the following advantages: No damage to the window, simple and clean installation without drilling, no discussion with landlord and new tenant, synchronized up and down movement, guided on rails - therefore no swinging when the window is tilted, perfect air circulation, perfect appearance (as no additional handle is required)

Sun and privacy protection from DEFLEX®

Are you interested in DEFLEX® sun and vision protection as an end user or would you like to become a DEFLEX® specialist partner as a company? The DEFLEX® team will be happy to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.