Tested and monitored

DEFLEX® customers can rely on tested and monitored product quality. For example, we only set up tools in certified production lines exclusively in Europe, but mostly in Germany. "Designed and made in Germany" is firmly anchored in our company philosophy.

Many DEFLEX® products are subjected to an initial type test - as a component and basis for the required CE marking obligation of window and façade manufacturers.

Talk to us about choosing the right product in design and material, because DEFLEX® has many qualities to inspire you!

DEFLEX® products are subject to strict quality control. The quality management is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and underlines our concern to ensure quality responsibly.

We have been facing up to this responsibility since 1994 and continuously contribute to ensuring that customer orientation, openness, continuous improvement as well as good supplier relationships are filled with energetic commitment and life.

Our quality management system is continuously audited by a neutral institute. You can download the current test certificate here.

ISO EN 9001:2015

The CE mark officially authorises us to place windows and exterior doors on the market throughout Europe. Subject to national restrictions and special features, the CE specification regulates, among other things, the creation of test specimens on the way to the production series. In this context, the designer of windows or exterior doors undertakes to submit the pre-assembled product for initial testing by a notified body in accordance with the performance characteristics prescribed by DIN EN 14351 and to have it tested. The resulting initial test report (ITT) is then made available to the actual assembler, i.e. the person who ultimately places the finished product on the market, based on the hierarchical staging.

With our tried and tested DEFLEX® partner system, we give our processors a definite functional assurance for all products. An undisclosed residual risk is thus covered by a reputable reinsurance on our part.

With a clear conscience, we therefore give you a far-reaching warranty promise on many DEFLEX® products.

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DEFLEX® develops, assembles and supplies sealing profiles and accessories for window, door and façade systems as a cross-system partner. In addition, optimised system components are also manufactured for individual customer solutions. An internationally qualified sales team works worldwide with the window and metal construction trade, system providers, building element manufacturers and industrial companies.

With over 35 years of experience, DEFLEX® has the know-how for sustainable building sealing with sophisticated sealing concepts. High-quality and sustainable sealing materials for all buildings and window types are continuously being developed.

DGNB membership certificate

Many DEFLEX® products are considered "articles" under REACH. This means that as a supplier of articles, we have a duty to inform our customers about possible substances of very high concern that are ever present in a concentration of more than 0.1% in the products you purchase from us. A candidate list of these substances officially identified as substances of very high concern is published and constantly updated by the European Chemicals Agency.

We keep track of updates to this list and automatically inform our customers in accordance with the REACH guidelines whenever a substance contained in a concentration greater than 0.1% in the products you purchase from us should be identified as being of very high concern. Safety and technical data sheets can be found in the online catalogue with the respective products.