Corporate Governance Guidelines/Code of Conduct

In an increasingly complex economic and business world, the trust of our business partners, owners, employees and the public depends significantly on the behaviour of each individual.

Respect for law and order

The primary guideline of our actions is to offer our customers a high level of benefit with our products and services, thus enabling them to produce or provide excellent products and services.

In doing so, the benchmark for our actions is constant respect for the law and all our internal company rules.

Honesty and respect

Our Code of Conduct summarises the most important mandatory standards that apply to all employees and thus continues the values of honesty and respect that we have always lived by.

Our Code of Conduct thus sets a generally applicable framework and obliges all employees to behave in a legally compliant and responsible manner and supports our employees in their own responsible actions. It is intended to help them make the right decision at all times.
at all times.

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Everyone is responsible

Each individual employee is responsible for ensuring that his or her actions are in line with the rules and values of our Code of Conduct. Our managers have a special role model function - they not only communicate and live the rules and values, but also actively demand them.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees. However, we also expect all other employees in our company (e.g. consultants, temporary workers) to comply with the rules and values laid down here.

Everyone contributes to the company's success

Violations of the law, the Code of Conduct and internal company guidelines can not only result in negative consequences for each individual, but also have serious consequences for the entire company.

Therefore, we all take responsibility to behave in accordance with the rules and thus contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Corporate governance

Dipl.-Kfm. Reinhard Vinkmann

Management Sales, Marketing & Human Resources

Peter Schuster

Commercial management

Prof. Dr Thilo Wörn

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Martin Runge

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board