Published 04 Aug 2022

We have always been sustainable

Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate strategy. This is documented in the corporate guidelines, the annual targets for the company and its employees, the specially designed training plans and the constant exchange with professional associations and institutions.
This also includes the long-standing cooperation with all business partners who pursue these goals just as the management and staff of DEFLEX® do every day with inventiveness, commitment and joy.

Continuously striving for resource efficiency

The building technology was already converted to heat generation by heat pump systems in 2009. At the same time, the roof surfaces were almost completely equipped with a photovoltaic system to generate electricity.

With the existing company model, soil contamination is excluded. Any escaping vapors in production are 100% filtered before they leave the building as exhaust air.

Fully and partially electric company cars have already been in use for several years. Existing vehicles in the fleet are gradually being replaced with this technology of the future. A corresponding e-fueling station is of course located on the company premises.

Biodegradable packaging materials

Any material residues are collected separately in both production and administration, stored in containers and recycled in a sustainable manner. In mid-2022, DEFLEX® became a member of A|U|F e.V. - an association that guarantees, through the initiated recycling cycle of aluminum, that high-quality aluminum profiles are produced again from scrap material and that the valuable material remains in the EU.

Necessary packaging at DEFLEX® consists mainly of recycled cardboard. Plastic packaging is only used in special cases. Usually, used cardboard is recycled with a packaging padding machine and processed into filling material for the ecological protection of DEFLEX® products.

Sustainability in full

Would you like to learn more about sustainability at DEFLEX®? Simply download the Sustainability brochure.