Published 21 Mar. 2022

Think about insect protection now

Spring has begun, the days are getting warmer - and with the first rays of sunshine, bumblebees, mosquitoes & co. come out. While the little creatures are still wanted and useful outside, you don't want them in your living space. This is also to protect the insects, as they usually cannot or are not allowed to survive indoors. With high-quality insect protection from DEFLEX®, you make your contribution to important insect protection - and contribute to the well-being of the occupants.
Whether window, swing, sliding and patio doors or light wells - DEFLEX® manufactures durable insect protection systems made to measure. From Prodif for professionals! There are no delivery bottlenecks, even during the peak season from April to September, and we guarantee availability at short notice.
Find the right insect screen at or ask the DEFLEX® team about the variety of insect screen systems for windows, doors and conservatories.